Planning a concert

The stakes of planning a concert

The objective of a concert

The planning of a concert can have several completely different objectives. For musicians, it can be a way of raising the profile of a group or orchestra, or of promoting a single or album. Or a concert might be put on to raise money for a humanitarian cause or a charity, or to fund an association. A concert can also be part of the programme of another type of event, increasing its appeal.

The question of profitability is necessarily different in each case. In certain cases, the concert can make a loss or just break even, because the most important thing is attracting as large an audience as possible. Tickets can then be free or very cheap. If you are looking for financial gain, the price of tickets must be carefully worked out according to the target audience and the costs involved.

In this area it is good to use a specifically designed, flexible service for the ticketing and web promotion of a conference.

Concerts: specific constraints

Compared to other events, concerts often require quite a substantial technical and logistical framework. Aside from the question of the amplification and balancing of sound, you need to choose a place which has suitable acoustics and comes with certain guarantees concerning the safety of the public.

Human resources are equally important. Depending on whether the technical staff and musicians are volunteers, contract entertainment workers, employees of the venue etc, there will be specific procedures to follow to avoid any legal problems.

All these aspects must be thoroughly examined when preparing for the concert. Expenses on security and transporting equipment, or hiring somebody you need at the last minute can easily lead to the budget slipping out of control.

Services surrounding a concert

The heart of a concert is the music. But you must also think about what you can offer alongside the concert, particularly the refreshment stand and the cloakroom. These services can increase the comfort and satisfaction for the public. They can also contribute to the financing of the concert, or increase its profitability.

The cloakroom is relatively simple to set up, the refreshment stand much less so, especially if it is to sell alcohol.